History of Delonghi coffee machines

Given that the espresso machine market is currently valued at over $2 billion, it’s no wonder that many companies are looking to profit from this growing sector. Coffee machines are a popular household appliance, but their high price and frequent breakage mean that demand is not always met by supply. This is good news for home appliance manufacturers like Delonghi. The latter can take advantage of these opportunities to offer a cheaper product with very good features.

This isn’t the first time Delonghi has offered an affordable coffee machine ; in fact, the company did it several years ago with its BCO model. A model combining filter coffee and coffee with percolator.

Delonghi BCO

So why embark on the adventure again? Well… because they have learned a lot in the meantime! This new version offers increased quality and usability, while keeping costs low enough to make it accessible to most consumers. Here are some things to know about DeLonghi coffee machines.

Who is Delonghi?

DeLonghi or De’Longhi is an Italian company specializing in household appliances.De’Longhi S.p.a is a group comprising the brands De’Longhi, Kenwood, Braun and Ariete.

DeLonghi manufactures coffee machines, kitchen appliances and household appliances. It is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in the world, with a market share of more than 15% outside Italy. There’s no doubt the company has been around for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not up to date. In fact, it is currently one of the biggest players in the coffee machine industry.

De'Longhi logo

The company was founded in the early 20th century in 1902 by the Delonghi family. It mainly manufactures oil radiators and then in the 80s mobile air conditioners. After the 2000s, household appliances for cooking, cleaning, air conditioning, cleaning are put on the international market.

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