Why you should buy the De’Longhi La Specialista Prestigio EC9355 machine.M?

The Specialista Prestigio was created for espresso lovers. It helps you prepare a barista-quality espresso coffee at home, replicating all the important steps. In addition to simplifying and customizing espresso preparation, five innovative technologies help you do just that. If you like coffee, try La Specialista Prestigio. Buying this coffee machine means making sure you have the authentic coffee experience in your kitchen, plus make recipes to your liking.

Comparable to the coffee machine, Delonghi Prodigio or Maestro. The De’Longhi Specialista Prestigio is not equipped with a milk jug, but offers direct access to milk drinks via steam. In addition to having a steam nozzle, it also has a frothed milk function. Let’s see in detail this espresso machine!

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Main advantages of the Delonghi La Specialista Prestigio EC9355. M

La Delonghi Specialista 2.0 Prestigio EC 9355.M is meant to grow with you as a professional barista. It includes a grinder, so you can make an espresso as good as a coffee. This espresso coffee machine is scalable.

The La Specialista 2.0 Prestigio EC 9355 espresso machine.DeLonghi’s M with Grinder is an expertly designed machine that allows you to prepare all your favorite drinks very easily. It contains the latest DeLonghi technologies, including an integrated grinder with sensors, a semi-automatic tamper, a semi-professional steam nozzle to naturally prepare your milk drinks, and even a hot water hose! 3-year warranty. Free shipping.

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A semi-professional stainless steel steam nozzle is integrated into an espresso machine that grinds coffee beans. There are three different recipes to choose from that you can customize. The machine has a 51mm extraction group, which is quite substantial.

Personalization and authenticity of your espresso coffee cups with the Specialista Prestigio

The Specialista Prestigio gives you the opportunity to create your ideal cup of coffee. From start to finish, a true sensory experience occurs, and a creative process is activated to give you the perfect cup of coffee and bring out the barista in you.The Specialista Prestigio has a design that is inspired by classic coffee machines. It offers an authentic coffee tasting experience, and will be a great addition to any cuisine. The MY button simplifies the process of customizing and storing the volume of previously saved formulas.

Key features of the Delonghi La Specialista Prestigio EC9355. M

You can think of yourself as a barista with this machine, The semi-automatic “groomer” tamper is equipped with a “Smart Tamping Station” for precision packing of freshly ground grinding. Simply lower the lever for the tamper to apply the desired pressure. The process is simple and efficient.

Delonghi “Dynamic Preinfusion” Technology: The amount of coffee determines the time before the brewing process, so that the entire surface of the ground coffee is moistened evenly.

De'Longhi Specialista Prestigio EC9355.Smart packing

Make professional milk drinks: It is possible to become a master in the preparation of delicious milk-based drinks (cappuccino, latte, etc.) using a semi-professional stainless steel steam nozzle, this is the “My Latte Art” technology. You can produce a beautiful milk foam to the delight of your guests and yourself.

De'Longhi Specialista Prestigio EC9355.M latte art

Delonghi “Sensor Grinding” technology: The sensors integrated into the mill have eight grinding settings and a “Sensor Grinding” technology that is calibrated and modified according to the desired grinding fineness. This innovation allows you to brew a perfect cup of coffee with the perfect amount of coffee every time. Enjoy the freshness of freshly brewed coffee!

Delonghi “Active Temperature Control” technology: La Specialista Prestigio EC 9355.DeLonghi’s M has two individual thermoblocks that heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature, allowing you to successively create coffee and milk drinks. The system maintains a constant temperature throughout the pre-infusion phase, allowing for optimal extraction.

Dimensions (l x p x h) (mm)380x370x445
Poids (Kg)13.5
Pression de la pompe (bar)19
Capacité du conteneur de grains de café (g)300
Capacité du réservoir d’eau (l)2
Capacité du conteneurs de café moulu (n)14
Classe énergétiqueA+/A+
Hauteur de tasse max. (mm)120
Puissance d’entrée (W)1450 / 1450

Accessories for the machine La Specialista Prestigio EC 9355.M from DeLonghi

The La Specialista 2.0 Prestigio EC 9355 espresso machine.DeLonghi’s M was designed to allow everyone to make coffee-based drinks like a barista at home. Its additional features include the ability to back-rinse for thorough cleaning, as well as a separate hot water nozzle for tea or Americano. This machine includes a removable tray for cups or glasses with a maximum height of 120 mm. The packaging includes a brand-specific cleaning kit with descaler, cleaning disc, brush, etc. Also, only a filter holder, a single filter for one cup, a single filter for two cups and a stainless steel milk jug. The reference code for this product is EC9355.M 2.0.

De'Longhi Specialista Prestigio EC9355.M accessories

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Let’s summarize the Specialista Prestigio EC9355.M from DeLonghi

The Specialista 2.0 Prestigio EC9355.M has a thermoblock heating system that allows for a quick heating process, but is not the best option when it comes to frothing milk. For home use, this should not be a problem. Delonghi technology has been integrated into the device, making it easier to use. This is a complete espresso grinder that can be tailored to individual preferences without the need to learn barista techniques. The semi-professional steam nozzle is an improvement over its predecessor. For people who want to have a reliable machine to prepare their coffee without having to master barista techniques, this device should be an ideal choice.

The espresso machine with mill DeLonghi La Specialista 2.0 Prestigio EC9355.M is ideal for people who want to switch from a pod or automatic coffee maker to a manual coffee maker. It is equipped with a grinder, 3 programmable and customizable drinks, a simple maintenance option and a semi-professional stainless steel steam nozzle. This allows users to prepare a wide range of drinks such as espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, etc. With La Specialista Prestigio, you will no longer need to hesitate to prepare the drinks you love. You can find another De’Longhi coffee machine like the Dinamica.

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