The subtleties of ESE pods

The Easy Saving Espresso or ESE pod, also called POD, contains approximately 7 grams of coffee finely wrapped in natural filter paper. Not all espresso machines are compatible with its espresso pods, and it allows you to enjoy a very good espresso in a few moments.

The pod lasts

The ESE pod is a small flat capsule made of paper with disconcerting ease of use. It works in most manual espresso machines, and even if it is not compatible, just add an ESE filter and it works!

As a general rule, the filters for ground coffee and ESE pod are identical. Take a good look at the user manual for your machine, which will guide you. The ESE pod makes it possible to acquire a grind and a perfect tamping, worthy of tampering (coffee tamper) so there is no risk of having a bitter or under-extracted coffee. No problem with adjusting the grinding or soiling of your worktop, it will then be more practical and easier for you to make several coffees at the same time.

It is packaged in individual sachets, in order to guarantee better conservation and an always optimal result . ESE pods have won over many big brands with their design and taste, such as:

  • Illy
  • Lucaffé
  • Vergnano
  • Castellari
  • Les Petitstorréfacteurs
  • Alre Brewery
  • GOLD blend

The particularity of its pods is that there is something for everyone!

ESE pod or soft pod

The soft pod also called PAD at Senseo pod is a really soft pod and much less hard than the ESE pod. It’s not really the taste in cup of a real espresso but rather of an infused coffee that can be identified rather with filter coffee. However, the soft pod has not undergone compression, unlike the ESE pod, whose result in the cup is much worse and more unsightly. The soft pod has less compatibility because Senseo compatible pods (diameter 70mm) are basically only manufactured for coffee machines of this same brand. The Senseo pods are more flexible and wider than the so-called ESE pods.

As we noticed above, the ESE pods are designed in individual packaging which allows the coffee to be stored for much longer. While the soft pods are kept in one and only one packet, so as soon as the packet is opened, you must consume them quickly so as not to lose the aromas of your coffee.

Machines for ESE pods

We are going to discover some espresso machines, which are compatible with ESE pods. Be aware that ESE pods can have a diameter of 44mm or 55mm. But there are so many that we cannot list them all in this article, we have chosen the most popular on the market:

Machine expresso Delonghi Dedication ECE795.GY Pack Barista

  • Ultra-compact machine
  • Delonghi Barista Pack: Pitcher, tamper and descaler
  • Volume keys
  • Adjustable extraction temperature
  • For ESE pods and ground coffee

Kottea CK150S manual espresso machine programmable dose

  • 58mm Professional Group
  • New flow reducers: clean dispensing in the cup
  • Backlit digital timer
  • Dose programmable
  • Easy to use
  • Super fast heating
  • Professional quality steam nozzle

Sage Barista Touch Espresso Machine

  • A fast machine with pro performance!
  • Exclusive adjustable automatic milk frothing system
  • Thermojet for rapid heating
  • 8 customizable drink profiles
  • 5 pre-registered drinks
  • Integrated grinder and tamper
  • Backlit touch screen
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