Tips for Decorating a Cappuccino and Impressing Friends

Start your day with a delicious cappuccino to enjoy with your coffee. This classic drink based on espresso and milk froth has recently been reinvented by gastronomy and creative trends such as latte art. Have you ever seen a tender heart, delicate leaves floating above a cappuccino? These are just a few of the cappuccino patterns a barista/artist can create in the foam covering your “morning cup”, playing with the nuances and textures of the velvety white foam and dark liquid.

Impeccable milk froth

A delicious cappuccino that starts with the essentials: frothy milk to perfection. To make the froth as firm and soft as you want, froth the milk in the pitcher with the steam from the espresso machine, placing the tip of the wand just below the surface of the milk.

Homemade Chilled Cappuccino Recipe

On summer mornings we get up early and prepare a summer cappuccino before starting the day.

Summer cappuccino:

How to prepare 2 cups of cold cappuccino? Ingredients :

  • 2 cups of espresso
  • 100 ml cooking cream
  • 2 teaspoons brown sugar
  • Meringue Ice Cream
  • Dark chocolate chips.

Ready to work? Preparation time: 10 minutes

Prepare 2 cups of espresso, sweetened with brown sugar if desired. Whip half the ice cream in the fridge and set aside. Put two ice cubes in the blender, pour the previously prepared coffee and swirl for a few seconds. Fill the glasses for 3/4. Top with half-whipped cream and garnish with small meringues and dark chocolate chips.

Most Popular Latte Art Tips

If you want to recreate impressive designs, you will need to practice a careful combination of processes and techniques. These three are the most popular:

  • art-bar
  • Etching
  • pouring

The latter is nothing more than the basic version, which involves manipulating milk to create volumes, shapes and contours similar to leaves, hearts, swans, etc.

Art bar: refers to the practice of making an all-white cappuccino.
Those who use a chocolate or caramel filling to create a floating pattern with a special feather on a cappuccino use the etching technique.

If you have breakfast at home in the morning, in your pajamas, decorate it with cocoa powder using a stencil or a special toothpick to emphasize the milk foam and treat yourself to an unusual cappuccino.

Tips for a beautifully crafted cappuccino

Before serving a “special” cappuccino to your customer, research the psychology of the target. Each painting evokes a feeling, a sensation, or an image: avoid mentioning things that are unwelcome or inappropriate for the person in front of you. Also, choose the right time to serve beautiful designs. If a client is in a hurry, he won’t have time to appreciate certain subtleties!

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